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First, I want to express my uttmost gratitude to :iconrono22: for taking on the first page of the Metropolis Comic here at MetropolisProject. Personally, I find starting something like this to be the hardest part, and for her to take the torch and get the ball rolling (oh the cliches!) is beyond words for me. So thank you Rono22.

The first page can be seen here:

Metropolis Shift Change by Rono22

I know this is going to be long and may not make complete sense but I hope you all take the time to read this. I'll try explain my crazy vision as best as I can.

Many of you probably haven't heard anything yet in relation to this idea but some have. So for those of you that haven't here's what the Metropolis Comic (Metropicom for short) and MetropolisProject in general is all about.

When I started MetropolisProject, long before the groups on dA were going as they are now, I came up with the idea to do a comic/graphic novel of the film. But my idea was not just to do it myself. I felt such a task could only properly be done by a group of fans. SO not only would the film (and also book) be portrayed within its pages but also the love of this film from its fans. I also didn't want there to be any constraints other than keeping to the core of the story. So everyone's individual style would be shown.

I hoped to give the images from the film new life. I don't know if any of you have heard The New Pollutants Rescore of Metropolis but I believe it to be the best rescore. Each scene is done individually, and each piece of music is created to accentuate what's being shown. Most of all, this rescore gives each scene a futuristic audio layer which the original score (through no fault of its own) couldn't achieve. It's difficult to really explain what I mean. I want this comic to be like that rescore. It was done by fans of the film with the film completely in mind. It's so true to the film (to me), that if I see an image or a scene from the film it's that music I hear in my head. If you wish to hear it, the full film with this rescore is on youtube:…

I really do recommend it. And hopefully it can help explain what I mean.

So, much like a rescore; the Metropolis Comic has an opportunity not to change the story or take away from the film, but give it a visual futiristic feel from each of our views. An example is Rotwang's hand. In the film it's just a black glove, but I think this can be made more menacing... more mechanical. Here's an idea I had:…

So, page 2 can now be started. It'll be The Race/Eternal Gardens scene. It's a longer scene than the Shift Change so if it needs to be split into 2 or 3 pages that's no problem. Now it's just a matter of someone, or indeed more than one person taking it on. If any of you would be intersted in doing the next page or indeed collaborating with someone you can comment below or note me or the group. There's no restrictions on style. It can be in colour or B&W, it can have text (as long as it keeps to the story) or not. If one person wants to do pencils, another ink, another colour and another do lettering that's completely fine. Just say which part you wish to do or if you want to do it all that's cool too. I'll be in charge of editing and getting everyone organized and helping anyway I can. And if you don't want to work on this page but would be interested in doing something later just say.

I hope everyone can do something, if even something small. That way we can all say we took part in this together as a group. To be honest I never actually thought anyone would be interested so I didn't mention it buts far people like the idea.

Well, thanks for reading about my crazy vision :)
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

MetropolisProject Founder