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It's a pleasure to announce that page 3 of the Metropolis Comic "Metropicom" is now in our gallery. A huge thanks to ~countevil for taking it on. I think it captures the essence of the scene flawlessly. It merges with the style of the previous pages, the movie posters nicely and still shows countevil's own unique style.

The third page can be seen here:

Metropicomic Page 3 by countevil

Again, for all the new members who probably know nothing of the crazy idea that is Metropicom, it's all here:

Metropolis Comic - Metropicom

So, hopefully now we'll have some more volunteers who wish to take on some upcoming pages. Collabs are welcome and all styles and everything that I said in the original blog and so on so forth.

Also, artists can do more than one page if they wish. I hope as many different artists will take part as is possible, but I know not all will have time or the interest. But for those who have both just drop me a note or a comment on my profile and I'll arrange everything with you. If you'd like to be involved but don't fancy doing the page that's next I'm sure we can work something out.

All help is greatly appreciated and everyone will be fully credited and reserve complete ownership of their work at all times.

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