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B-Day gift for HttC 2.0
Burning Through Celluloid Special
Birthday Review for:
Voltz: {Voice-Over} There was me, that is Alec, and my three film idols, that is Kurosawa, Tarantino and Kubrick, and I sat in my studio trying to make up the restocks what to criticize for fellow critic HailtotheChimp's birthday. My studio was small but filled with numerous posters for films; mainstream wide releases or limited release indie fare, which was what I was watching on HBO. Such films would sharpen your wit and get you ready for a bit of the old Ultra-Criticizing.
(sits on the love seat in my studio sitting blankly while several DVDs are scattered a on my couch. He turns and look at one of the Kubrick DVDs and pick one up as he suddenly stands up in realization) oh what a globby cheap bottle of stinking chip oil I am! That's it! (runs out of the studio and out of the yard and onto the street where Voltz breaks into a run)
-later at HailtotheChimp's house-
(HailtotheChimp is opening his presents as
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Cyborg Girl 2 Wallpaper by Lukay7
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Cyborg Girl 2 Wallpaper :iconlukay7:Lukay7 347 131
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Group Info

This group is dedicated to the silent movie Metropolis made in 1927. Metropolis is German expressionist film in the science fiction genre directed by Fritz Lang.

It is set in a futuristic urban dystopia and makes use of a science-fiction context to explore a political theme of the day: the social crisis between workers and owners in capitalism. The most expensive silent film ever made, it cost approximately 5 million Reichsmark.

It has been said that this was the direct inspiration for numerous landmark films and ideas afterwards such as Blade Runner, Terminator, the Frankenstein films (which use similiar equipment to that seen in Rotwang's lab) and also pioneered many cinematic effects such as miniature sets with the use of mirrors to place people within them. An effect used soon after by Alfred Hitchcock. Also the methods used to create the Maschinenmensch, or Machine-Man were revolutionary to the time.

Basically, this is a true work of art and also a timeless one. And one with a thrilling story not only in film but also surrounding it and I for one think it deserves a fan club here.
Founded 9 Years ago
May 11, 2009


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Anyone who likes or is even just interested in Metropolis or indeed, any silent film or Fritz Lang film can join. In reality anyone can join. I'm not gonna say no. But Liking Metropolis or silent films would help I'm sure.


For now only members can submit to the Group Gallery. In my inexperience with submissions I submited a non-member deviation in the early days but I'm gonna leave it there because I like it.


Any submission from non-members will be voted on by 2 admins.


I think for many people this group thing is relatively new (it certainly is to me so apologies if it's below standard to other groups you may be part of). I guess this is a guide/FAQ on what to expect, what you can do and some questions on how to make it better and so on. Basically, try keep an eye out here for policy updates and changes. The main policy is if you don't like something or think it could be done better note me (either to the group or to my main account).


Basically, if you're a member and have some works you'd like featured in our Group Gallery for whatever reason, feel free to submit them. I've already added a few from members. Not all submissions will be approved however, so pick you're best works. I've also created a few folders to keep things sorted but I may move things around in the future so be prepared.

Submissions are voted on by 2 admins just so people don't upload the wrong thing to the wrong place or any material not appropriate.

All submissions from any member to this gallery will be accepted. I check each deviants gallery once they join and fav anything realted to the group but I may miss some so please do submit them if I haven't done so within a day or so. I/we wanna see them in our favs.

Submissions are voted on by 2 admins just so people don't upload the wrong thing to the wrong place or any material not appropriate.

At the moment it's only admins that can blog and seeing as I'm the only admin I guess it's just me. However if you have stuff you wanna start talking about and think you would use the blog frequently just note me and I could add you as a contributor or maybe just open the blog thing up to members. I'll see. So far it's the best way for me to say what I need to say, so I like it the way it is, but you might wanna have a place to say what you need and the blog seems right for that.


As our member list grows I'm feeling the time is fast aproaching to do something. A contest springs to mind but sadly I'm a bit poor and have never set up a contest before so not sure how or what to do on this. So if anyone has experience or any ideas on this please drop me a note either here or at my main account.

As the name suggests my original idea for this group was to get a group of like minded talented folk together and work together on something in the way of a tribute to Metropolis. What I originally thought was a graphic novel/comic adaptation or a compilation of scenes featuring ideas and pages from everyone that wanted to be involved. So what we would end up with was a Metropolis of many different styles and visions from different artists in mediums from Photography to 3d, Traditional to digital, surreal to realism, art deco to steampunk.
I still like the idea and think it would be easily started (maybe not as easily finished). But everone has different ideas on what a tribute is. Where does it turn into copy or remake. So, I dunno. I need feedback from all of you on this one. If you like the idea and think you have time to do something please do.


Well I've voiced my questions and concerns so now it's your turn. Just comment in the comments on the main page for basic stuff or if you want, note me, but I think the comments area is better so everone can see and maybe get answers to the same questions and such. Like a faq section.

So, thanks to all our members for joining and sharing your talent and works. I've thouroughly enjoyed seeing them all and sharing my love of Metropolis with other fans.

And to our watchers and visitors thanks for watching.

-Metropolis Founder
I've been neglecting the MetropolisProject group for far too long. I've missed submissions, affiliate requests and so on numerous times now in the last year or so. Basically I'm just never on dA anymore. This is late September 2013 and the last time I was on before this was May.

So if someone wishes to take over this group please just note me. I'll do my best to check back here over the next few days/weeks. Ideally a member but anyone interested in Metropolis will do.

Metropolis deserves better than I've been doing lately...
It's a pleasure to announce that page 3 of the Metropolis Comic "Metropicom" is now in our gallery. A huge thanks to ~countevil for taking it on. I think it captures the essence of the scene flawlessly. It merges with the style of the previous pages, the movie posters nicely and still shows countevil's own unique style.

The third page can be seen here:

Metropicomic Page 3 by countevil

Again, for all the new members who probably know nothing of the crazy idea that is Metropicom, it's all here:

Metropolis Comic - Metropicom

So, hopefully now we'll have some more volunteers who wish to take on some upcoming pages. Collabs are welcome and all styles and everything that I said in the original blog and so on so forth.

Also, artists can do more than one page if they wish. I hope as many different artists will take part as is possible, but I know not all will have time or the interest. But for those who have both just drop me a note or a comment on my profile and I'll arrange everything with you. If you'd like to be involved but don't fancy doing the page that's next I'm sure we can work something out.

All help is greatly appreciated and everyone will be fully credited and reserve complete ownership of their work at all times.

I'd like to proudly declare that page 2 of the Metropolis Comic "Metropicom" is now in our gallery. A big thanks to blindbanditofthesand for taking it on. Kudos. She did a great job.

The second page can be seen here:

Metropicomic-Eternal Gardens 1

For all the new members who probably know nothing of the crazy idea that is Metropicom, it's all here:

Metropolis Comic - Metropicom

So part 2 of The Race/Eternal Gardens scene (page 3) is up for doing. Collabs are welcome and all styles and everything that I said in the original blog and so on so forth.

All help is greatly appreciated and everyone will be fully credited and reserve complete ownership of their work at all times.

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countevil Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010   Filmographer
For anyone that's interested BFI London are screening Metropolis newly restored with 25 minutes of the lost footage never seen before. It should be happening from the 19th-30th of November and continuing in December.
(1 Reply)
dodoexpress Featured By Owner May 11, 2010   Artisan Crafter
I am so annoyed there is still no release date for the DVD here in australia, i can only assume its not far off as the DVD sites are offering the 2002 version for $19.95. Ive seen a german titled version from the live TV broadcast and the new footage is great.
Jruva Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010   Digital Artist
Thanks for the invite :). Even though I don't think I can do some Metropolis stuff in the near future (or ever ..) , I'm glad I can see some stuff related to the movie~
(1 Reply)
Colour-Me-Deranged Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
To whosoever began this group: Hey, thanks for the invitation. Frankly, I thought I was alone in my adoration of the silent film era. Most folk look at me like I'm nuts when I mention Metropolis. Well, anyway, thanks again.
(1 Reply)
countevil Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2010   Filmographer
Hi, are you accepting any more members. I'm a big German Expressionism and sci-fi dystopian fan. My work is mostly on those kinds of themes.
(1 Reply)
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